The Star Team is very fortunate to call Treasure Coast Sotheby’s their business home. For this week’s blog, Ashley, Kristi, and Jetriz wanted to talk about the power of the Sotheby’s brand and the advantages it gives not only to The Star Team but to their clients.

How “global” is Sotheby’s?

 Ashley: It’s almost easier to talk about where Sotheby’s isn’t. They have offices in over 60 countries with almost 20,000 agents worldwide!

Jetriz:   And we have offices selling luxury real estate all over Florida. Wherever there is a luxury real estate market in Florida, Sotheby’s is there helping to lead the market.

Why did The Star Team choose Sotheby’s?

Kristi: The brand, the people, and the reputation. Sotheby’s stands for something, especially in this market: quality, integrity, and getting results. When I come into a deal, the Sotheby’s brand is my calling card and let’s those involved know about our high standards for professionalism and job performance.

Jetriz: And we have built great relationships with our brokers and fellow agents. Knowing your colleagues will represent the agency well is very valuable.

If I am a client, what difference does going with Sotheby’s make to me?

Ashley: Sotheby’s brand says something to people in the marketplace. It stands for quality. A property listed under the Sotheby’s brand has a little extra shine to it. Knowing that Sotheby’s has a reputation for quality, it can make people give your listing a closer look.

Jetriz: Exactly. And the Sotheby’s marketing programs are amazing. Good marketing is about showing your home in the best light to as many qualified buyers as possible. That’s what gets good results.

Kristi: Buyers also benefit from the Sotheby’s brand. When your offer comes through our offices, it is taken seriously. They know we have integrity. They know we do our homework. Not only does Sotheby’s enjoy global recognition, but it is very highly respected here in Vero thanks to the work of the TCSIR brokers and agents. That matters when you are trying to get the home you want.

Ashley: And we have access to a lot of great homes even before they hit the market so our buyers can find a great deal before anyone else!

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THE STAR TEAM is proud to be part of Treasure Coast Sotheby’s. If you want to put this global brand to work for you, contact us today at 772.321.7644.