Selling in Summertime

The conventional wisdom in this area is that Season is the best time to sell your home. After all, that’s when the population of Vero Beach is at its highest. But one fundamental principle of business that we have learned is that differentiation is good business. And if everyone else is doing it, then the natural economic forces of competition will impact the market. We have found that summertime can be a great time to sell a Treasure Coast home if it is marketed correctly. The Star Team is on pace to have one of its busiest months of the year in July!

Here are a few reasons why selling in summer can be a great strategy:

1. Buyers have more time available. The kids are out of school. Many businesses see a slow down in the summer due to vacations and other factors. There are lots of long weekends to devote to a search for a home. The Star Team recently did a radio interview on how to get your home ready to sell. We can help you get it done!

2. Curb appeal is awesome. The rainy season has just refreshed the plants. And you have more time to work on getting that all-important first glimpse just right. Your home looks great in the summer and that sells.

3.Summer is a seller’s market. During Season, the Buyers tend to have the power. Snowbird buyers generally don’t have to move right away and they can afford to be picky. Summertime is when families move. This keeps the kids from having an interrupted school year. Often, a family is moving because of a change of circumstance (new job, etc.). That puts them on a schedule and that gives Sellers leverage.

4.Your competition is waiting for Season to list their home. Good. That means your house will stand out more to the motivated Buyers out there. With fewer homes on the market, Sellers have more power to set pricing and differentiate themselves from other homes for sale. Remember: if everyone else is doing it, the best business move can be to do something different. We have had a lot of success selling homes this summer just for this reason.

5.Summer Buyers are usually motivated. As previously stated, families are summer buyers. And they are buying for a reason. They aren’t thinking about maybe “someday possibly moving to Vero”—they are moving and they need a home. Motivated Buyers mean less time wasted showing your home to people who are “just looking” and more power for the Seller at the bargaining table.

6.You have time to get your home ready for sale. Minor fixes can really boost a home’s salability. Take some time in the beginning of summer to fix those broken light switches, paint those scuffed baseboards, and replace the screen on the back door. Those details really stand out to Buyers and can give you a leg up on the competition.

If marketed correctly, a Treasure Coast home can sell for more or more quickly in the summer months. Come see why our clients this month have been having such great success selling their homes through The Star Team. Knowing the market and what works and doesn’t work can make all the difference! Listen to our latest radio show with the Vero Insider and learn tips and tricks and the latest decorating trends to get your home ready for the summer real estate market.

Click on the photo below to listen to our radio show:

List with The Star Team this summer and get a one on one session on how to stage your home and get top dollar! Call The Star Team today to get started, 772.321.7644 or click on the link below for a free home evaluation. 

Happy Summer!