No, not the Christmas season—not quite yet no matter what some store decorations might tell you. But we are beginning the Season for our northern neighbors to return to Vero Beach. Stores and restaurants will be busier. Traffic will be a bit heavier. And real estate sales will heat up. We talked about the advantages of listing your home in the summer months in a previous blog  But the activity level in season is definitely a lot higher than the summer and most of the real estate sales in this market happen during this period.

The challenge in listing your home for sale during season is one of competition. A lot of other sellers have the exact same plan: list their home for sale during season when there are more buyers in the area. Successful sales are all about differentiation. What can you do to make your home stand out in a crowd? Successfully navigating this challenge can mean the difference between a quick sale and a longer time on the market. It can also impact the ultimate price the home sells for.

Most homes are sold in almost identical ways. The same pictures. The same descriptions of the home. They go up on the MLS and maybe and Zillow and that’s the extent of the marketing. Your listing deserves more. You need a custom marketing plan to help your home stand out from the competition.  This is where marketing expertise and creativity comes into play.

1.Photography. More than 90% of all buyers conduct all or some of their search online. This means the photos of the home are your first impressions buyers will receive. It is important that all homes use quality, professional photography. Cell phone pictures are great for showing things to friends on social media but correctly photographing rooms in a home is not easy. A good professional will make sure your home looks amazing!

2. Know your buyers. We position homes differently to Empty Nesters than we do for First Time Buyers. Our descriptions are written with the most likely kind of buyer in mind. Just listing the features of a home doesn’t help differentiate it from other homes of the same size and character. Highlighting the best features of the home—the ones that will inspire a buyer—will help your home stand out.

3.Cast a wide net. The more buyers that see your home, the greater your chance of selling more quickly and for a higher price. Make sure your home is featured on the top home sales sights as well as the MLS. People who sell their own home often miss out on the MLS and that’s where the majority of home sales come from.

4.Social media. Social media is becoming an increasingly valuable place to market a home. A boosted Facebook ad can target a specific demographics and geographic locations. As we said, the more people that see the home, the better. Facebook allows us to get your home in front of people who may not have noticed it online before. Make sure the post is clean and professional looking. Make them want to know more!

The Star Team prides itself on its innovative marketing. We love putting our expertise and creativity to work for our clients. Contact us today and let us show you how we can do the same for you!