Design Corner

Spring into 2018



Spring is traditionally the time we tackle cleaning chores long left undone. We might finally dust neglected areas, complete small repairs, clean blinds and curtains, and even replace the batteries in the smoke detectors. Spring call also be the time to update and freshen the look of your home, especially if you are thinking about putting it on the market. Following are some fresh ideas to make your home feel like spring has truly sprung!

Rearrange your furniture



Open, easy to navigate homes tend to appeal most to our buyers. Rearrange your furniture to create a feeling of more open space. This might even include removing some furniture from the home. Taking out an extra end table or chair can really create valuable space in the living areas. Less is more here. COST: $0



The smell of spring

Smells can have a big impact on our perception of a home but it is often overlooked. We recommend avoiding florals and cloying scents. Try something clean, like linen or citrus. Candles can be your friend here. COST: $10.




Update your pillows

Just changing the throw pillows on a sofa can really impact the look of a room. Try some bright, tropical colors to really give it a fresh feel. COST: $40-80.




Live plants

In Florida, it feels natural to “bring the outside in.” Adding small palms or some large banana leaves in a vase is an inexpensive way to bring the tropical outdoors to your living space. COST: $50-100.




Spring cleaning

We mentioned this in the beginning. Adding the new looks suggested above will do a lot toward making your home over for spring, but nothing beats an old-fashioned spring cleaning—just like Mom used to do. COST: Elbow grease.

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