A couple of weeks ago, we here at The Star Team came across a great article on MyPalmBeachPost.com by Mary Thurwatcher about the wonders of visiting our beautiful city on the Treasure Coast. http://www.mypalmbeachpost.com/entertainment/vero-beach-sunrises-not-high-rises/rqjh1dnQHYEolwDHimwM1O/

 We loved the article and thought it did a great job of pointing out how unspoiled our beaches are, great places to eat and stay, and promoting Vero as an unspoiled gem. Today, we would like to build on that article and blog about how Vero is not just a great place to visit on vacation but is an even better place to live permanently.

One thing that Ms. Thurwatcher’s (can we call you Mary? We are pretty informal here in Vero!) article highlighted was the number of pet-friendly hotels here in Vero. Vero loves its animals. Browsing the shops of Ocean Drive, you will notice a lot of the merchants have set out water bowls to keep our four-legged family members hydrated. Pro tip: a lot of them keep treats on hand as well! Mary listed Gloria and Emilio Estefan’s landmark Costa d’Este as one of her favorite (and dog friendly!) hotels. Vero boasts an amazing 5-acre enclosed dog park near Riverside Park and one of its early and principle donors is Costa. The hotel’s dog ambassador, Jack, was present at the grand opening of the park.

The rhythm of Vero is, of course, seasonal. Those of us who live here have learned to love the energy and excitement of season when our residents from up north come back to town. But we also love when things slow down in the summer and we can enjoy a somewhat quieter experience at our favorite spots. For our take on things to do in Vero in the summer, see our previous blog here: http://www.thestarteamrealestate.com/a-little-beach-town-that-provides-plenty-of-culture.

One great reason for living in or moving to Vero is the real estate. Vero is one of the few coastal cities in Florida where there is still great value to be found in home purchases. The Star Team caters to a large range of housing prices. Of course, there are beautiful million dollar homes on the beach. There are also luxury homes on the Intracoastal and in many of our well-kept, gated communities. But we also know where to find gems at more modest prices. Vero homes tend to hold their value extremely well and you can get a lot of home for your money.

Vero is a small city, but it is big on charm and culture. We encourage our friends in Florida, across the US, and even around the world to consider Vero for their home, either year-round or seasonally. The Star Team are relocation experts and we can help you start making this dream a reality today!

Thanks again, Mary, for sharing what you love about our Treasure Coast jewel!