When choosing a Realtor, you do lots of research, you ask around or maybe you have a friend that is a realtor.  Living in a small community like Vero Beach, it is common for people to have several good friends that are realtors.  This can make it difficult when you decide to buy or sell a home: whom do you use?  Considering the importance of your transaction, it is always best to use a Realtor with a great marketing program, extensive knowledge of the neighborhoods, and a strong broker like Sotheby’s backing them. In addition to our commitment to help our friends, The Star Team has all that plus the power of three dynamic agents to make sure your home sale is a success.

We at the Star Team have been fortunate enough to help our friends and neighbors many times considering most of us have grown up in this small community.  Recently, we had a friend who wanted to sell their home. we were thrilled when we were hired to be their realtors!  No matter how many homes you help clients sell or how many homes you help people buy, it is still as exciting when someone chooses you to represent them in such a big time in their life.  As a professional, you step up to the plate for your friend as you would a total stranger (and vice versa), you negotiate for their best interests, you spend time making the transaction as smooth as possible--all while being a friend.  At the end of a transaction, everyone is happy and the Realtor feels amazing knowing they have just made another dream come true.  The icing on the cake is when you receive a card from your client/friend that says, “Thank you for going above and beyond for us,” and a text that said, “We knew you were the right person to help us.”  WOW! We love our job! We would love to help make your dream come true as well! If your dream includes buying or selling a home, The Star Team is the right choice for you!   

Even if you aren’t a friend to us when we begin to work with you, you will be a friend at the end of your real estate experience!  Good business is supported by great client relationships. We pride ourselves on our professionalism, communication, and approachability.  With the Power of Three, we treat every one of our clients and their transactions as our number one priority! 

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