This week's blog is by our guest Anna Valencia Tillery, the Vice President of Marketing of White Glove Moving, Storage & Delivery. Thank you Anna!

Moving? Hiring a Pro…Yes or No?

Moving is said to be one of the most stressful experiences in one’s life behind death and divorce.  Yet most Americans will move an average of 12 times in their adult life.  So, is hiring a professional really worth it?

Anna Valencia Tillery, the Vice President of Marketing of White Glove Moving, Storage & Delivery, has agreed to share some valuable information with The Star Team’s readers.

Why you think a family, couple or individual would want to hire a moving company?

AV: Moving can be both physically and emotionally draining to everyone involved. The value that professional and licensed movers bring on moving day makes the entire experience efficient and so much more bearable.   Aside from the savings in time--which none of us ever seem to have enough of--professionals can even help disassemble and/or assemble items so that folks can worry about more important things.

Is it more or less expensive than moving yourself?

When considering the cost of renting a truck, fuel, supplies, payment of refreshments for friends even the unforeseen cost of time off work due to aches and pains; it can all add up quickly. However, one of the biggest things for anyone to consider in deciding whether or not to use a professional moving service is how much time there is to get it all done.  When relocating for a new job or due to a family emergency, procrastinating may not be an option and that’s when finding a professional at a fair price is more than a service: it’s a priority.

What are ways that people can reduce the overall cost of a move?

The more hours the movers are on the job, the more it is going to cost.  Packing your own items, therefore, may be advisable. However, the more value your goods possess the more worthwhile it is to have someone else handle them and be responsible for their safety. 

Another tip is to also ask your movers to create a package with free boxes or even discounts on the cost of the boxes they can provide you.  When discussing boxes, however, it’s important to note that the boxes from big chain stores are not of the same quality.

How does one know if they have a good moving company they are interviewing?

Research using these trusted sites:

  • Ask for references and, keep in mind, accidents can always happen during the moving process for a lot of reasons.  How the company handled those mistakes counts for a great deal in who to choose and how they will treat you.
  • White Glove Moving, Storage & Delivery provides free estimates and can move individuals, families and businesses both into and out of the great Sunshine state.  In addition, the team offers specialty services and discounts for seniors yet has a focus on luxury moves paying careful attention to every detail along the way.  To find out more or schedule a complimentary estimate please call 866-GLOVE10.