It’s Father’s Day this Sunday. Sometimes it can be difficult to know what to give your dad to show him how much you appreciate what he’s done for you for your whole life. Moms like brunch and flowers and hugs from their kids. Dads definitely appreciate the hugs, but what else can you do to show your appreciation? Of course, there are as many answers to that question as there are dads in the world, but The Star Team wanted to share a couple of our ideas with you.

Food: Maybe moms get brunch but, of course, dads appreciate a good meal, too. Maybe the best “dad meal” is lunch. It’s casual but usually heartier than breakfast or even brunch. Pick a location that you know he will love. Does your dad usually get outvoted when it comes to choosing restaurants? Well, not this weekend! We have some favorite spots here in Vero Beach we think Dad will love. Hurricane Grill on Route 1 is a great spot. They have tons of big screens with the best games on and their spicy wings and onion rings can be paired with Dad’s favorite cold beverage. We recommend a “flight” sampler so he can try a number of delicious brews. Maybe your dad is more of a pizza guy. We love Garage Woodfired Pizza. Dad can get his own pizza loaded with all the toppings he loves (meat, meat, and more meat?). Garage also has sports on the TVs to keep dad entertained. Maybe Dad’s tastes run in the direction of Irish pubs. Try Kelley’s on 21st St. or Sean Ryan Pub on 14th Avenue.

Gadgets:  Is your dad into the latest tech toy or tool, regardless of its possibly dubious usefulness? If it makes him happy, why not indulge him? One suggestion might be to get him one of the new, cloud-based electronic personal assistants. Alexa from Amazon or Google Home from, you guessed it, Google, can be useful and entertaining. Their voice recognition is surprisingly good and the use is pretty intuitive. Dad can ask them the weather, have them make a to do list (although hopefully he at least gets this Sunday off from “honey do” tasks!), or have it tell him a joke. Maybe you don’t have to buy him anything gadgety at all and can just make one of his existing gadgets work a little better. Maybe finally set up his main remote control so it works the TV and cable box without switching back and forth. Or add a really cool app to his phone for him. One great app for dads is called “Tunity.” If you are in a sports bar/restaurant, you can usually watch the big game but rarely hear it. Tunity scans the picture currently on the screen and then plays the sound for that channel through the phone. It’s as easy to use as taking a picture. Maybe you can get him a nice set of ear buds to enhance his listening experience. 

The Most Precious Gift: You. He would love a delicious lunch or a cool new gadget. But what he loves more than either of those is you. It sounds corny but it’s true. Choose anything you think you’d both enjoy but spend some time with him and be grateful for having him and for everything he has done for you. 

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads and all of you from The Star Team!